Change is Possible

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”We had nearly lost all hope when we learned about the Loa Fund from another program whose costs were far beyond our financial resources. They recommended we contact the Loa Fund. When I found out we had bee approved for a scholarship, all I could do was cry. Our son has graduated from the program and is now home, and he has a light in his eyes that we have not seen in years. I am so grateful for the Loa Fund for helping bring the light back to my son’s eyes! “
My name is Clint and I am an addict. After 8 years in active addiction, I was ready for change but didn’t believe it was possible. Thanks to the Loa Fund I now know change is possible, and I now have 2 years of sobriety to prove it. Before getting a scholarship from the Loa Fund I had gone to two other programs and exhausted what little money and trust my family had left for me. Loa Fund gave me a chance I didn’t think I was going to get again.

Dr. Keith Hooker Memorial Fund

Dr. Hooker was a pillar of the medical community in Utah for more than 40 years. He was influenetial in co-founding some of the first wilderness therapy programs. Kieth’s contributions helped improve safety standards in the industry. Thank you Dr. Hooker for your support of the Loa Fund and our mission. You are missed!.

Dr. Keith Hooker