The Loa Fund makes change possible.


The Loa Fund provides financial support to qualified individuals that would benefit from Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare treatment for mental health or addiction, including education, prevention, and treatment.

We believe that through healthy interventions, ongoing collaboration, and effective wilderness and residential programing we can provide everyone with the opportunity to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. LOA FUND creates unique opportunities for individuals to receive mental health care, develop support for addiction recovery, and establish healthy family relationships. Through fundraising, community awareness interventions, and program evaluation, LOA FUND ensures that each person’s experience is optimally suited for their needs and their strengths. By working with providers and offering scholarships to those in need, we give families hope and make change a genuine possibility.

The Loa fund is based in Utah and has representatives in offices in Seattle, Las Vegas, Washington D.C. It is registered in the US as a 501c(3) non-profit organization.

Loa Fund

Board of Directors

Our philosophy at the Loa fund is based on the belief that within each person lies undiscovered strengths and the capacity to live a balanced and rewarding life. We are passionate about our work and deeply committed to the people who are in need of help and are interested in the process of self-discovery.​

Derek J. Daley


Derek is a co-founder of Legacy Outdoor Adventures and Juniper Canyon recovery for women. A seasoned professional in the field with 19 years of experience working in the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare industry. 

Mike Hinkle

Board Member

“Working out in the wilderness, with the people I get to be with, doing the things we do, and going to the places we go have been amazingly good for my soul. I have grown exponentially because of the experiences I have been afforded and the people I have been able to meet working in wilderness therapy.

Mike Mendenhall

Board Member

Mike Mendenhall was born and raised in Palmyra and Spanish Fork, his parents are John and Lenna Mendenhall. He graduated from Spanish Fork High School in 1998, attended Utah Valley University in 1999 before serving an LDS mission to Minnesota. He has worked as a Community Banker in Spanish Fork since 2006 and currently works for Rock Canyon Bank.

Dr. Brett Talbot

Board Member

Dr. Brett Talbot, Ph.D. is the Director of Psychological Services at Provo Canyon School (PCS), a psychiatric residential treatment center for youth. 

Debbie Jones

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Sam Carpenter


Sam has seen firsthand how programs like those associated with the Loa Scholarship Fund can change the lives of not only program clients but their families. He has also seen the financial burdens those families often carry in an effort to get their loved ones back on their feet to reach their full potential.

Brett Dodge

Outreach Director

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