Scholarship Application

Find out more about hor to apply for a scholarship.

Please complete this form in its entirety if you wish to be considered as a recipient of a grant from the Loa Fund. All applications will be reviewed and awards will be granted based on both financial and personal need as determined by individulals involved in the review process.

The application must be completed by the potential grant recipient. If there are circumstances or conditions that prevent the applicant from completing this form independently, please contact the Loa Fund to make alternative arrangements.

Loa Scholarship Form

Describe previous and current diagnoses of mental health and substance abuse issues. Explain the progression of these issues.
What legal, financial, social, physical, emotional, and other consequences have resulted from these issues?
Explain any efforts that you've made to resolve the ongoing issues. Describe informal as well as formal attempts.
What do you envision your life looking like when you're able to make those changes. Consider the impact on you as well as those around you.
Please list the program and describe why you believe this program is the best treatment option for you.

EMAIL the following financial information to

1). A copy of last two years federal Income Tax returns (1040 forms).

2). A copy of your most recent W-2.

3). A copy of 2 most recent pay stubs.

4). A short narrative explaining the applicant's and applicant's family financial situation.